Things are changing very fast. Post corona and I see tremendous opportunities in digital marketing and I am going to unveil how you can make 1 crore with digital marketing.
Let’s begin, understand the fundamental of marketing. In earlier days people used to print pamphlet and then distributed it. Some with newspaper II and outdoor ooh advertising but does it guarantee e bus that our target prospect will see that ad. Will my prospect get my message? No, in lockdown people were in their home spending most of their time on mobile. I have seen people wha not even touching the newspaper. No-one travelled on road so nobody saw outdoor ads.

In this world people want to consume and watch what they want to consume and watch. Just one click and watch what you want to. So nobody watches this traditional ads anymore. Resulting in no benefit to advertiser. So you need to understand that you will grow only when you put ads on digital platform. But wait putting at doesn’t mean you can generate sales. There more.

Marketing is all about sending right message to right person at right time. before creating any product or service you need to find out the market gap. Is there sale opportunity or not. First you need to have a nice like topic. Let say in which field you are having expertise. What you want to sell or market. and then you will start positioning yourself as a knowledgeable person. And you will start creating content around it. You have to have a order or sequence in posting your content. Also you should not depend on any single platform to post your content. Your content must be valuable and informative. You are making content to gain the trust of the user. We are doing this just because we want to to make our image for better in the prospects mind. Also you will need to to make the perception of what your target audience is having issue with. Like what they want is time freedom? Money freedom? You will deliver the right message in indirect way through your content to your audience.

This is also called as branding. As I said you need to have a clear niche. Let us understand there efforts included on your way to make 1 crore. First of all you have to decide your niche then you will start creating content around it. Then you will start paid advertisement. to bring attention of people on your content. Then people will start consuming your content. People will recognise you as a knowledgeable person in your niche. as you put more content online you will be visible to more people and eye balls.
Now you are closer to make your transaction. People will see you first then they will start consuming your content then they will recognise you as a knowledgeable person in your niche and then they will purchase or make transaction with you.

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing?


Let us understand what is it CATT marketing is. Whatever I said earlier like creating your content then promoting it bringing attention trust building and then translation. Some people randomly start advertising and then they say Facebook at stone work email marketing don’t work Google ads don’t work. But they don’t understand is all these things work together not in a single channel. CATT systems works like a machine everything works together. so here I also want to point out one thing that the content is the centre of everything. The content is King here. And that will bring attention trust and sales. just like on youtube quality and consistency is everything. same is here. also you can not be remain dependent on single platform why i will tell you. reach on tiktok was much higher in early days. as the days pass by reach went down. page happened on facebook page. and same will happen with other platforms also. youtube also shows this kind of results. so what does this exactly means. this means we cannot surview our business on this platforms. we need to build our own platforms and work on it. like if i post anything on my page no one will see it but if i have the email of the person i can sent him my direct message easily without depending on the platform and so. so take the advance of their platform. built own community and grow your business in the long run. this is why you should remain dependent on ant platform at all.

Now let us have a look at why you need to do personal branding. People will buy you first and then your services or products remember this. When you are marketing yourself people would like to purchase from a person they know rather than a big Institute or organisation where they don’t know anyone. Having a good profile content will help you stand out from the crowd and it will help you reach your objective.

now lets make 1 crore (see how you can) let us understand you created everything what i explained earlier. then you will create a small ticket product so that people can enter in to your system. then slowly you will offer them high value products. which will help me make more money. lets say you will need 100 client of 1 lakh rupees paying you yearly you will make 1 crore per year.. this is how you can make i core rs per year.

now this dosent happen over night. this takes time, efforts and dedication and more. this is a proven system that works like magic and you should start doing it as soon as possible. now lets say you spent x amount of money on your ads, team, office, internet bills, employees and others. you will need some more clients to cover up your 1 crore net profit goal. right?
so on this new journey i wish you all the very best and good for future endeavours.

if you still have any doubt queries you can ask me in the comment section below.

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