Digital Marketing is the best way of earning money and it is beneficial to students those who are studying and want to earn money.
They can easily do it part time because it is the easy way of marketing for ex. they can do facebook ads,,google ads, web development, graphics etc.
It is good to make a career in digital marketing because after few years marketing has a good scope in digital world.
You can also earn money by doing online business through digital marketing. It is the great source of earning money for students.
Students can also earn money as a freelancer using digital marketing.
Students can not only become self independent but it is helpful for them by the practical implementation of skills.
For ex. communication skills, team work, personality development, time management, money management, overcoming fears like low self confidence and so on.
It helps us to deal with people in an accurate way by understanding their psychology, which is really very helpful for each one of us.