The app which we use to manage our business presence on google is removed from play store and no longer available.

I will tell you what Google have made alternative arrangements for you to manage your business on google (Google Business Listings).

First let me tell you the app if removed from play store BUT the people who is already having the app installed on their mobile phone will continue to work. only new people or you will not be able to able to install it on non installed device from play store.

Secondly, Google have shifted the features of GMB app to Google Maps. to manage your google my business listings simple go to Google Maps – Select your profile – in the drop down list you will see YOUR BUSINESS PROFILES. there you go ahead and any changes that you used to do from google my business app.

Basically google integrated Google My Business app to Google Maps.

Thirdly, You can always manage you business listing from Google My Business Website.

Remember only the app is merged no features is removed by google. so don’t get panicked.

I hope it will help you.